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Brasov Attorney

I swear to respect the Constitution and laws of the country, to accomplish with honor and honesty, with consciousness and without bias what my duties and obligations ask for, and to keep professional secrecy. So help me God! This is how our life begins, life of an lawyer, that you are looking for. And by that oath, we put ourself at your disposal, and our excelent privacy services that only a lawyer can give you. Welcome dear visitor.

Through this website, our firm, wants to put to the visitor's knowledge, all activities and services that we offer. Without any pretentious expressions, we lay on these pages, everything you need to know, about our office. (Read more about this)

The priority of our office is to provide quality services for all our clients. Our clients are from all branches, social, economic or otherwise, even if they are natural or legal persons.

Our services, for our clients, can be for several types. For legal persons, starting from incorporation of companies, consulting, consulting for commercial and tax laws, labor field laws, industrial property rights and, last but not least, assisting and / or representation of their companies before the courts throughout our country.

For individuals, our services especially covers family relationships, divorce, custody minors division, but also covers the social relations regulated by the Civil Code - inheritance, claiming, purchasing and / or real estate sales contracts. (Read more about this)

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